I could feel my sweat starting to drop from the temple of my head to my cheek. This is the time I dreaded for. I stared at my desk the whole time trying my best not to move, not to make a sound so that I would go unnotice. I even tried to slow my breathing down. It didn't work, I only ended up breathing heavier. This made me sweat even more.
I noticed that the room was filled with silence, but it wasn't so in my head. Inside I was screaming, praying and begging not to hear a name, a name that belonged to me. My name.
“What was taking so long? Why doesn't she call someone else's name to stand up in the blackboard?” were my thoughts as I waited impatiently for my Chemistry teacher to call out someone to answer the problem she had written on the blackboard. I slowly lifted up my head, again trying not to make a sudden move so that I may continue to be unnoted. I saw her sitting at her desk, she was looking at a piece of paper. It was that paper that had all our names in it. Her eyes were going up and down on the list of names that paper had. Suddenly her eyes stopped and focused into a spot in that piece of paper.
I saw her smiled.
Her smile was the cue for my heart to start beating like a drum. My hands started to go numb. “Here it goes...”

I'm pretty sure you know what happens next... Yep, this is how each of my Chemistry class went. Somehow I always am not prepared to answer the problem that is written on the blackboard. Formulas and I just don't go together, and equations and physics... you got the idea.
Even though I had memorised how to solve that problem the night before, I still can never solve it. And thanks to my unlucky stars, the teacher still called my name frequently. Maybe she just likes the sight of me sweating like a pig, and my constant sayings of “errrr...”, “uhhmmm”, “yeahhh..” in front of everyone... Well I'm glad someone was amused...

Anyway since we're in the formula subject, there is another formula that I don't like that doesn't have to do with chemistry at all. And that is “Formula 1”. I don't actually get why everyone makes a big deal out of it. They're just automobiles that run around in circles with lame stickers on... Don't get me wrong. I love fast cars. But cars like the ones in Fast and the Furious, the pimped ones with their glossy paint, cool gadgets, neons, the cool rims...
I remember playing the Need for Speed games just a few years ago. Man, weren't they fascinating! Having the ability to style your own car, race against other people for money, pink slips and street cred... That was the life! But somehow Formula 1 ruins it for me. I know that street racing is illegal but maybe they could like make an actual racing spot just for those kind of cars and not the ones that are racing in Formula 1... Right?! Feel free to comment me if you agree or disagree.

Have a nice week guys!


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