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Tuesday, February 24 2009

I woke up great this morning! Birds were singing (or tweeting, in their case), the bright glorious sun has finally come out after so many days of long, boring cloudy winter days. The feeling of warmth that my squishy cushy blanket gave me, made me feel that this was gonna be a great day! But it wasn't so...
You know that quote that says: “You know how your day is going be from the way you wake up.” Well I woke up great and yet somehow my day turned out to be as bad as good as I woke up... (Does that make sense?) :-S

Here is what happened...
After waking up, I felt hungry and weak.
So I go to the kitchen to find me something to eat!
But all I found there were vegetables and raw meat.
Foods that I can't cook at all, I'll have to admit.
So to my dismay,
all I ate was just normal scrambled eggs.

After that incident, I decided to go out and check out this restaurant that my mom told me about. No, I wasn't gonna go there because I wanted to eat but because apparently there was a job offer there that my mom is forcing me to take. So, I call one of my best friends to come with me, (I can never go anywhere by myself, especially when the place is like 2 HOURS away!!) and together we headed to that unknown location. Yeap, unknown location. Unknown because I had no idea where it was. The only info my mom gave me was: the bus I was going to take and the bus stop I was going to get down to. She actually told me to just ask around for the restaurant. “I'm sure they'll know where it is.” were her exact words.
Well, Dana (my best friend) and I took the bus and got down at the bus stop we were supposed to. I could tell that Dana was quiet uneasy because I didn't really know where the place was. But I assured her that everything was gonna be a-ok! Because she was with me hehe. So as we were told, we asked around the place for that restaurant. First person we asked, didn't know where it was. Second person didn't know it either. And pretty soon all the people we asked at that place had no idea where and what restaurant we were asking about. So I called my mom and asked her where the heck was this place and why was it that people had no idea where it was?! 111 So she told us to just keep looking and. So we kept looking and we kept on walking at the cold, by that time the sun was gone and the wind replaced its place. Our noses have turned red and we couldn't feel our ears anymore. 109 After an hour of walking we decided to give up. I called my mom to tell her of our decision. And all she said was..:You know what, I'm sure you're not interested in this job that's why you don't wanna find it.”
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111 076


Pamela | February 25, 2009 at 10:12:00 AM PST

Aww I'm sorry about that. that totally sucks. Why couldnt she just give you the name of the restaurant like a 'normal' person? LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

jeklog | April 10, 2009 at 2:56:00 PM PDT

ei, would like to invite you..

if ever u got nothing to do.

if u enjoy photography and a bit of informal rhyme...drop by..


most of it are street photography..

but generally random thoughts.

it aims to raise "kamalayang kalye" and to make people feel a bit fortunate about their lives compared to those i frame.

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