We are FAMILY..

Growing up, my dad has always told me, that family should always come first.

Family is what you’ll only have when everyone have turned their backs on you.

It hurts me to say this but ever since I left the Philippines, I think I must have forgotten what it is like to be in a family.

But even though far apart, my adorable cousins and relatives together with my sister makes up for what I’ve lost and keep trying to find.

Oh, how the days pass us by...


I know I haven't posted anything for quite a while now.. Okay, more than a while. But I've got a good reason! It's because I actually found me a:



and the best thing of all, I found meself a boyfriend~!

He is simply wonderful! But I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one, as I'm scared sh**less of perhaps jinxing this amazing relationship. (I know you may not believe it but writing about stuff that I like, almost never ever has a good result. Perhaps, I'll post about this peculiar curse of mine in the near future.)

Anyways... all I gotta say is that I have lost my way. I have lost sight on what was important to me and somehow bit by bit I am trying to gain them all back. And I must admit, I have also lost the incentive to write.
Writing with the knowledge that not a lot of people will be reading, does disappoint me.. a lot. But as I pondered more on the subject, I realized that I write not to have tons of readers, but
I write because I want to share what I've come to know, experienced and ignored.
Maybe perhaps, to some, these words mean nothing at all, but thankfully there is always the "other" audience, and that is the audience that I want to reach out to. So without further ado all I I have left to say (and been dying to spill it out already) is..


Photo by: Cute Kawaii