A great poem by my awesome friend Kirsten.

Okay this poem was made by a really good friend of mine Kirsten. I'm posting it here because this poem of hers just inspires and actually encourages me. Hope that it does the same thing to all of you who are reading this.
I wish I had your talent Kirst! Missing you and Kaitie-bug a lot! (Come back to Greece!!!)

Why, Lord?
Why is it so easy, Dear Jesus
For me to stumble and fail?
Why do I eat the forbidden fruit
When I know it's rotten and stale?

Forgive me for my numerous faults
When I stumble time after time
Like the woman turned pillar of salt
I look back at the word I left behind.

Why is it so hard to come back, Lord?
Even when I know that I'm wrong
The alter feels so far away
Because sin's pull is so strong.

The longer I put of repentance
The larger the gap between us grows
Harder it is to return to You
And be released by from the grasp of my foes.

Why do You love this poor sinner?
Lord, I bow at Your feet and I weep
When I think that my sin is the reason
Your son bore the world on the Tree.

I stand both in awe and in agony
Because I am what crucified
My sin is what hammered those nails in Your hands
And peirced the sword in Your side.


Melissa Is LOVE | February 25, 2009 at 4:40:00 AM PST

I love the poem. It's so touching..

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