Congratulations! She sounds like she really mean it this time.

She must be feeling so happy now
now that she has you back by her side.
She must be feeling so complete
now that she has you again to keep.

But are you ready to take it all back again
are you ready to face the pain?
Are you ready to fall again
in her lies and deceits which drove you insane?

What happens when she leaves you again?
What happens when you start crying in the rain?
What happens when all those tears
leave you miserable, hopeless and not thinking clear?

Will you run to me again
cry back into my arms
tell me that I had always been right
while I'm hugging you tight?

But what would you say if I told you the truth
told you that I'm leaving
can't bear it anymore
because of this feeling
that brings me down crying on the floor.

Because it hurts me so much
when to you I'm only a friend
it kills me not to know
how to make this suffering end.

For you only come to me
when she makes you blue
You only need me
when you want a rebound, oh how cruel!

Even though I've loved you all along
and have told you a million times.
But I'm sick and tired of being there for you
because she's always the only thing in your mind.

So I wish you good luck
I hope this time you and her will work out
and I must confess to you that I will be in pieces
whenever I'll see you with her
trapped in her kisses...


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