Hallo hallo peeps!! =)

I've finally decided to post a blog without quotes or sayings but just what I think and stuff.. (boring? I know..=P but it's worth it you get to learn more stuff about me! hehe)

Anywayz, I had a revelation today. After 18 years of my life I just finally realized that coffee makes me nervous... -Rubs temple- And it also makes me dizzy but hyper at the same time lol.------------ (It's been like 15 minutes now and I can't think of anything else to write, gosh this blog thing is harder than I thought.)

You must probably be wondering why I drank coffee. Well it's because of the fact that I've only slept for only 2 hours these past 2 days! And it wasn't because I was reading and studying for my exams which are coming up in 1 week (wish me luck, I'm really going to need it!) but because of all you people out there who only gets on when I'm about to sleep and keeps me awake...(You all know who you are.. =P)

Anywayz since I'm making a blog I also want to write about all these stupid, dumbstrucking news, so you guys can be updated with what's happening to this oh-so crazy world...

-Clears throat and starts to speak in a serious tone of voice- An 18 year old teenage guy in South Carolina decided to blow himself up and his school (be prepares for this one!) so that he can die, go to heaven and asassinate Jesus... The kid was arrested on a Saturday (can't remember when) because his parents told the police that he odered ten pounds of amonium nitrate! o_O Wow I don't even know what to say instead of this guy is crazy, obviously lol (ok it's really not a subject to laugh about) but these types of news just makes you wanna think twice before leaving the house because you can never know if the stranger beside you is planning to blow up McDonald's just because it's the reason that he has gain 30 pounds! Here is the link to the story if you guys don't believe me.

Well that's it for now! I really need to lie down and because my dizziness is starting to turn into a migrane... -_-...


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